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Church - The New Social Network


Church isn't what it use to be. I'm sure it's not the institution it was, compared to years ago, growing up Philadelphia. During my youth, church was a place that was reverenced by many. It was unthinkable to lie, steal or think bad thoughts anywhere near or in a church. Perhaps it was more superstition than reverence during that time. text giving for churches

Nearly everyone went to church and if you didn't, the church would come to you. Stores were closed and no one transacted business on that day. on I remember when evangelist and young missionaries would canvas the neighborhoods on Saturday, knock on doors and witness to people. The church was the place, where you could go and hear the word of God, get encouraged, get saved and delivered and all that without all the frills, bright lights and quality entertainment. The church ushers were, skilled and kept good order and discipline in the church during the service and there was absolutely no walking while the pastor was preaching. Official site

Men and women knew how to dress and represent what Christian living was about. The children were well-behaved and every adult church member was able to correct disruptive children with firmness of voice, without the fear of hostilities from the child and their parents. The meaning of brother and sister in Christ truly signified, a family of believers who had all thing in common and displayed their love for one another.

Much has definitely changed since those days, preaching seems more a profession for many preachers and evangelicals of this time and going to church Is the thing to do if you want to meet potentials for dating of marriage. I can remember being able to get my first apartment simply because I told the apartment manger I was a Christian. Try saying that now, you'll be laughed at! Or the apartment manage will say: "Me too! And we just evicted some Christians last week". There was a time when being a believer really meant something, everybody is a believer now, everybody is a Christian and believes in God. Our jails are filled with Christians and more than likely the car that cut you off in traffic is a member of your church.

Since smart phones became smarter, the ability to send a text, email or a tweet, during service is all too common. Social networking within the church is common practice. Teens and children, no longer pass notes, they tweet and text. Members will invite their friends just to expand their circle of friends. The preached word is something soon forgotten when service dismisses and many churches no longer have evening services. Those churches having evening services, have few in attendance and bible studies don't seem to hold the attention of many who say they love God.

Is church the new social network? It really seems so in this century. Gossip now takes place on the Internet and most members live separates lives online within their Social Networks. At church you can see the latest fashion and hear the latest scoop on what's going on with who in your jurisdiction. There is noting wrong with modern day fellowship and socializing when the church meets. Anything done in moderation is a good thing I believe. The last time I remember, the mission of the church has not changed, but the people have definitely changed with the times. I wonder, when Jesus Christ returns for the Church, will He use the Social networks to announce His arrival or the outdated Trump Of God. I think He'll stick with the Trump.